Your Power in Your hands

See, optimise and control your power usage in realtime.

Your Power in Your hands

We provide a range of energy and bill saving solutions for your home


See, optimise and control your power usage in realtime.

It all starts with understanding your energy usage – in real time. Our Powerpal energy monitor plugs into your smart meter and connects to your phone so you can see how your appliances and devices consume energy, helping you to make smarter choices and lower your bill.

Electrify your home

Lower your energy bill

At Powerpal we offer home energy solutions to help you save on your energy bill. Whether you are looking to install a new energy saving device like a heat pump or reverse cycle air-conditioner, move to a wholesale energy plan or simply monitor your usage with our Powerpal device, we can help guide you to the full electrification of your home to save you.

Our team can:

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See your power

Energy upgrades

Understanding your energy is just the beginning. Powerpal helps Victorian households cut their costs and emissions providing

Reverse cycle air conditioning

Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioners can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 65% and get your household off gas. Government rebates can save you up-to $9,000 including installation.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Hot water heat pumps are up-to 70% more efficient than other hot water systems. That’s why the Vic government is offering rebates up to $3,000 for households to switch.

Home Solar & Battery Packages

Make the most of the Australian sun and power your home with a solar and battery package that could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.

Wholesale energy plans

Powerpal is part of Amber, an energy retailer that enables households access wholesale energy prices for a monthly fee of $19, helping you to save on your bills by accessing wholesale energy rates​, use energy when there is more renewables in the grid and support an Australian energy company backed by the Commonwealth bank

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Electrify your home and reduce your energy bills

The Powerpal team can help you upgrade your home to modern, energy-efficient appliances such as heat pumps and reverse cycle air-conditioning, saving you hundreds off your energy bills.

Providing the latest information of government incentives and rebates:

What our users say

David Graham

Great product. I can instantly see what power I am using from the grid. This helps me plan when to use appliances when I have good solar coming in. For example I have changed my pool filtration time to suit the Solar power and not use grid power. love it

Robert Brain

I was surprised at how useful the Powerpal app is. The phone app connects via Bluetooth, and receives updated household power consumption data every few seconds. The special graph in the app shows the amount of power being consumed in real time. Turn on an appliance, and within seconds the graph shows the change. And with your electricity plan costs entered into the app, it shows you the actual cost per hour. Turn your fridge off for a few seconds, and you'll see the difference on the graph.

Monica Allan

This is a great app, it helps me see what's draining our electricity, So i can decide when is the best time for washing ect. Plus i can connect and disconnect whenever i choose to view my usage via Bluetooth. Great idea 💡 i wasn't keen at first but now I'm very pleased with this app. plus its free, the installation was fast contact free and the gentleman was very polite and answered my barrage of questions and concerns very technically and honestly.

Andrew Blake

So good to be able to see not only power usage but to also identify individual items that are drawing current. A real eye opener for the kids to know the added cost of leaving powered items on. Combined with REAMPED energy supplier, we are already saving $$. Only had it active for a couple of weeks & check it a couple of times a day. Absolutely no problem with Bluetooth link so I'm not sure why other feedback reflects issues in this area.

Our Solutions

Heat Pump

Up-to 70% cheaper than traditional hot water systems


The most efficient way to heat and cool your home

Energy monitors

See your usage in real-time

Wholesale energy plans

Cheaper energy prices for a flat monthly subscription fee

Solar & Battery

Generate and store your own energy

Cheaper Bills, Less CO2​

Powerpal is helping hundreds of thousands of Australian homes reduce their carbon footprint and slash their electricity bills.

120,564 Tonnes

Less Co2 Produced


saved on electricity bills