Reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 60%

Electric reverse cycle split systems are the most energy efficient, cost effective heating and cooling option available.

Victorian residents can install a multi-room reverse air-conditioner and using new government incentives.


Reverse Cycle air-conditioners

Why upgrade?

Heating and cooling

Reverse cycle air-conditioner units are the most energy efficient heating and cooling system.

getting off gas

New government incentives are designed to help you get off gas.

more efficient

Reduce your energy consumption up-to 60% with a reverse cycle air-conditioner.


Let us check your eligibility

Our friendly sales team can check your eligibility for any government rebates dramatically reducing the cost to install a new energy efficient reverse cycle air-conditioner.

Our experts will recommend the most appropriate device based on your home and family requirements.

This offer is available to those that currently have a gas ducted system in their home. Other eligibility requirements do apply. 

Please note: A/C packages are available to Victoria Metro, single storey buildings only. 

Further information

What does it cost?

Typically a multi-room air-conditioning system will cost you around $12,000 – $15,000 depending on the system. Using Victorian government rebates you can save up-to $9,000 full installed. Packages start at $3,900 for single storey homes.

How much can i save?

Comparison data shows that a 2.5 star Multi-split reverse cycle air-conditioner costs $1,007 annually compared to $2,547 for a 3.0 star Gas ducted (unzoned) system.

Also, if your house has a rooftop solar system, the benefits of heating and cooling with electric reverse cycle systems can be even greater.

What is the process?

Fill out the form provided and we’ll give you a quick call to determine the right option for your home. We can assist with the application for any government rebate you may be eligable for and then arrange fast installation with one of our expert trusted partners.

Am I eligable for the rebates?

The rebates available are a part of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program and do have some eligibility requirements when applying. 

By using the form provided our team can determine which of the rebates would apply to your home and help secure you a quote including installation.

What products do we use?

Our installer partners use a wide variety of products to suit your home and household needs. We recommend starting our online form that will provide you a tailored quote and brochures of the available products.

Our Solutions

Heat Pump

70% cheaper than gas hot water


The most efficient way to heat and cool your home

Energy monitors

See your usage in real-time


Cheaper energy prices for a flat monthly subscription fee

Solar & Battery

Generate and store your own energy