Save with a wholesale energy plan

Amber provides you with access to cheaper wholesale electricity prices for a flat monthly fee of $19.

 How much could you save?

Wholesale energy

Why make the switch?

Reduce your bill

If you can be flexible when you use energy, you can take advantage of cheap energy in the grid


Use energy when there is high renewable energy

No lock in contracts

Leave anytime and don't pay a daily connections fee, just a simple monthly subscription

An energy retailer with a killer app

Amber’s app is packed full of features designed to help you monitor your energy use and take control of your bill.

Want to try Amber before you switch?

Jump on your Powerpal app and go to the Wholesale tab in to see exactly what you would have spent on Amber’s wholesale plan compared to your current retailer.

We partnered with Amber because we share the same mission: reduce household energy costs and emissions so every Australian can help drive the energy transition.

Amber does this by enabling you to access cheaper wholesale prices for a flat monthly fee of $22.00

Our Solutions

Heat Pump

70% cheaper than gas hot water


The most efficient way to heat and cool your home

Energy monitors

See your usage in real-time


Cheaper energy prices for a flat monthly subscription fee

Solar & Battery

Generate and store your own energy